Are you an ambitious, heart-centred wellness practitioner or solopreneur who is fed up with letting fear and self-doubt paralyse you from taking action?

Do you want to finally let go of the limiting beliefs and fears that keep you playing small?

Are you ready to stop self-sabotaging the amazing opportunities you have been dreaming of 
(even though you might not even realise you’re doing it)?

Do you want to stop convincing yourself of all the so called valid excuses of why you can’t take action towards your goals?

Would you like to let go of feeling like a fraud and not being good enough, so you can develop an unshakeable self-belief along with powerful tools and strategies to show up as your best self in life and business?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then my group coaching is for you.

In my role as a Mindset Coach, Kinesiologist, and NLP Practitioner, I work with hundreds of entrepreneurs who have been where you are right now.

And do you want to know the one thing I see that moves them forward and enables them to create the success they have always dreamed of?

Learning how to tap into their self-confidence, self-trust and self-belief regardless of fear.

“Success is 20% of what you do and 80% about your inner world.”

My 6 week Group Coaching will guide you to:

* Master your mindset as a practitioner in business which is the #1 key to any growth & success

* Learn the 3 Self-Doubt Traps that keeps you stuck & stagnant and how to move through them

* Identify the limiting beliefs stopping you from showing up and making an impact

* Move through fear & self doubt by learning my 4 layer energy shift process

* Have unconditional self-esteem regardless of setbacks, criticisms or judgements

* Release your need for approval & validation

* Feel equipped with my top personal development strategies to ensure you can move through any emotional or mental road blocks on your own easily and effectively. 

My Journey

I have personally experienced a myriad of my own struggles and inner road blocks. I have struggled with anxiety since I was 6 years old, battled depression, chronic pain, chronic procrastination and faced many setbacks in life and business. I intimately understand fear, anxiety and self-sabotage in all its forms all too well.

I have journeyed this path too, but despite all of this I have still built a successful and incredible business I love.

And you can too.

What I do know now, is that it is vital to do the inside work. To heal old wounds, and clear away fears and negative emotions, so you can authentically show up as the powerful woman you truly are and take inspired action towards your dreams.

You cannot have the success you desire, without first doing the inner work.

Warning Signs Your Inner Junk is Getting in the Way:

You constantly worry about what others think of you

Your actions are at the mercy of other people’s opinions, keeping you paralysed and anxious.

You are the ultimate procrastinator

You never seem to get started or finished on the projects and goals you have been dreaming of, convincing yourself your excuses are darn good.

You’ve got the “I’m not good enough” critic on replay

At the core of who you are, you believe you aren’t good enough, smart enough, knowledgeable enough, experienced enough, young enough or…and the list goes on.

You secretly fear you will never reach your goals

Your soul is calling you to take a leap, play big and bring your best self forward, but you are crippled by the fear of failure.

Deep down you don’t believe you deserve to be successful

You are doing all of the actions and working hard for success, but deep down you don’t believe you are worthy of it, sabotaging your efforts.

You constantly compare yourself to other successful businesses on social media

You sit back feeling helpless and jealous that everyone is making it, and you’re paralysed from taking action.

You spend hours deliberating on decisions

You lack the capacity and self-trust to make decisions quickly, wasting precious time that could be spent taking action.

You’re doing everything the marketing gurus are telling you, but you aren’t getting anywhere

You are doing the facebook ads, email marketing, social media and you are still not attracting the clients you want to be.

You turn down exciting new opportunities that could catapult your success and allow you to share your magic with the world

Looking back you wish you grabbed the opportunity with both hands and went for it, leaving you with regret and disappointment.

Your ultimate reality is that you are:

*Building or scaling a thriving small business that makes you feel challenged (in a good way!), inspired and excited to get out of bed in the morning.

*Confident in your decision making ability to lead and trust yourself even in the face of adversity within your business.

*Have self-belief in your abilities to go after your dreams and create a life on your terms.

* Have the tools to validate your own worth without needing others to do that for you!

*Know that no matter what fears and road blocks arise, you have the strategies to move through them easily and effortlessly.

*Feel confident in who you are, and know that as you follow your heart, own your worth and trust in yourself, success will be yours!

*Know that you are worthy and deserving of success and an abundance filled life.

My Group Coaching Program Includes

Uncover hidden blocks, limiting beliefs, fears and excuses
…before they own you and sabotage your big vision.

Release and rewire limiting beliefs from deep within your subconscious mind

Using my tried and tested breakthrough techniques, we work together to release the core blocks getting in the way of your success. This includes a combination of Holistic EFT & Timeline Therapy techniques

Move through self-sabotage

Learn my signature techniques to get to the core of any problem or issue fast, and release blocks on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level to create long lasting change.

Rachel has such a gentle, kind and honest nature. She creates an environment that is comfortable and safe. Sometimes you’re struggling with things and you don’t know the reasons beneath them. Rachel guides you away from the negatives in your life, and steers you towards the positives. She helps you to manifest the best possible version of yourself.

Rachel has changed my life, I am so grateful! Ashleigh Costa

Kinesiologist at Sage Kinesiology

Rachel has totally guided me in becoming the person that I always wanted to be. I feel well equipped to deal with negative emotions and feelings that arise, and now I have such an understanding of ‘me’, I feel so much more in tune with myself, without those internal conflicts that used to plague me daily. Jessie Parker

Owner of Borne Too

As a Life Coach, Kinesiologist, EFT and NLP Practitioner, I have spent the last 5 years supporting over 300 women to break through fear and anxiety, develop self-belief and triumph in life and business.

I am an introvert by nature, and having suffered from social anxiety most of my life,  I have travelled near and far to learn powerful breakthrough techniques so I can too feel comfortable in my own skin, and stand with confidence and conviction that I am enough just as I am. I no longer allow the opinions of others to define who I am and now choose to live a fruitful passionate life on my terms, not others.

Having been able to break through the countless fears that held me back, as well as the paralysing feelings of not being good enough or worthy enough, nothing pleases me more than supporting other women to do the same. So they too can confidently and courageously go after their dreams.

How does this work?


Your own workbook which contains all of the coaching questions, tools and techniques ready for you to utilise and practice throughout the 6 weeks.

6 x Weekly In Person Group Sessions

You will attend 2 hourly group sessions every week for 6 weeks where we dive into 3 powerful modules covering:
How to Master Your Mindset, Identify & Clear Beliefs & Blocks, Take Powerful Action & Trust.

Energy Tools & Worksheets

You will learn the tools and techniques to move through fear, self-doubt and sabotaging patterns with scripted sheets and handouts done for you and ready to apply immediately.

Facebook Support

A supportive facebook group community to ask questions and hold yourself accountable!


Apply for the 6 Week Self-Belief Series Group Course

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To say that working with Rachel has changed my life and the way I look at things is an understatement. Before working with Rachel I was living in a dark pit of self-doubt for years, and now after working with Rachel I now suddenly exist in a world full of colour, endless opportunities and excitement. After one session, the shift was palpable and very much noticeable (by me and my partner). Now I feel like a different person, more like a new vibrant version of who I was pre Rachel. Erica Urquiaga

Owner of Baked by Erica

I have always had an issue of not feeling good enough. I had to find a way to get on top of my negative self-talk, and a solution to my inferior complex as it was time to step up in my business.

Rachel drilled down to find the underlying beliefs making me feel this way, release them and gave me strategies I can do myself at home. Now my business is on fire! Ashley Matkovic

Founder of Fusion Biz Babes

I was at a stage in my business where I felt stuck and frustrated. Growth wasn’t happening as fast as I wanted, plus I was juggling 2 businesses, being a wife and a mum.

But oh my god, be careful what you wish for because after seeing Rachel, my business has exploded. I cannot believe the changes that have happened in my life since seeing Rachel.

Vanessa Geraghty

Director of Vivacity Marketing

Kiss Self-Doubt Goodbye!

You will learn how to uncover the sabotaging thoughts blocking your success PLUS a powerful tool to move through fear, so you can keep charging towards your dreams with confidence.

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