Break out of fear and anxiety, balance your emotions.

Believe in Yourself.

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You will find all the services I provide and ways we can work together below.

I serve women who are stuck in anxiety, stress and fear to clear away the blocks getting in the way of their courage and confidence.

Everything I offer is designed to support you in shedding away all of the layers of stress and anxiety, so you can reconnect back to YOU.

If you feel a bit lost about where to start feel free to contact me and we can have a chat about your unique situation and the best strategy for you.


1:1 Kinesiology Sessions and packages

If you’ve ever caught yourself right at that moment when you’re about to self-sabotage, even when it’s something you know you’d love, then you need to know about Kinesiology.

Kinesiology uses your muscles’ ability to provide feedback through a muscle response to indicate exactly what stressors and blocks are holding you back. Through the same feedback, your body indicates what it requires to clear and rebalance your body back to a state of equilibrium and ease.


6 week 1:1 Timeline Therapy Package 

Reset your mindset in 6 weeks by undergoing 6 weekly Timeline Therapy sessions to completely rewire your mindset at the subconscious level and let go of self-limiting beliefs, negative self-talk and negative emotions holding you back.

Time Line Therapy is a powerful process that gives you the freedom from your past allowing you to step up and into your true self. Walk away feeling confident, empowered & connected to YOU.



Strip your fears & anxieties. Shine your light.

This program is designed to support ambitious, passionate heart-centred wellness practitioners and solopreneurs to move from fear, self-doubt and anxiety, to self-belief, courage and conviction.

This 6 week group coaching package will get you shedding away all of the old fears and limitations holding you back PLUS all the strategies and tools you need to clear any future mindset blocks yourself.

**Coming Soon! 

Kiss Self-Doubt Goodbye!

You will learn how to uncover the sabotaging thoughts blocking your success PLUS a powerful tool to move through fear, so you can keep charging towards your dreams with confidence.

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