If you’ve ever caught yourself right at that moment when you’re about to self-sabotage, even when it’s something you know you’d love, then you need to know about Kinesiology.

Kinesiology from the Greek word meaning movement, and although it does involve physical muscle testing, it’s much, much more than that.

Basically, we bypass your (sometimes not so helpful) conscious brain and ask your body the questions we need answers to. Often, your subconscious is a lot more honest!

We tap into your subconscious brain and get answers about your emotional, mental, and physical body via your muscles. This allows us to skip the part where you rationalise, interrupt, and generally talk yourself out of what it is you’re really feeling. Because here’s where we can let ourselves get in our own way – we construct these blocks out of emotions we don’t want to feel, or situations we want to avoid, or feelings we simply think we can’t cope with. The answers we get through muscle testing helps us identify what those blocks are so we can move them along and take steps forward to what we truly want.

Clever, right?

Think of it like this:

Your mind is like a gorgeous trail, through an incredible forest. The thing is, if you don’t take care of it; if put the living creatures in it under duress, or freak the plants and wildlife out with some kind of random stressors, you don’t have a healthy forest. Your path can get muddy. It starts to look confusing. Or it’s overgrown with some kind of introduced species you definitely don’t want in your way.

This causes overall dis-ease – which can then turn into emotional problems such as anxiety (what if a bear eats you?) and depression (will all the trees die? What’s the point anyway?) Then, those can turn into physical issues such as pain, ailments, illness.

The thing is, your incredible forest didn’t pop up by itself. It includes everything about you – from you. All your thoughts, experiences, memories – that time you learned that if you go to fast on a bike without your shoes on something messy might happen, the time you found if you just took a bit of a leap of faith things might turn out OK – all that lives in your forest.

Alongside that, all your belief systems – the experiences your brain took and turned into a somewhat unchangeable story – they live there too. Growing. Then, right deep down in the soil, is everything your parents, grandparents, ancestors gifted you down the genetic line. All the pain, hurt, confusion, challenges, triumphs, grit, and determination your forefathers and mothers lived their lives with. It’s a big forest and if you go wandering about it in yourself you’re likely to get a bit frustrated and lost.

A Kinesiologist, however, is a bit like an explorer with the ultimate map. Because we can get inside all that growth and find what we’re looking for – speak to your ultimate nature – and uncover what’s growing around in there. We can ask it questions, discover big old tap roots into old, outdated belief systems, and get overall answers. We ask your subconscious mind, and it responds, via the electrical connection between it and your muscles.

It really is the easiest way to get real answers to the questions you need to focus on. It simply and gently uncovers and releases all the ‘stuff’. It moves those blocks out of your way with a nod and an acknowledgement you don’t need them anymore. It’s non-invasive and surprisingly refreshing. It gets you out of your own way.

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Appointments available in clinic and over Skype.

New Client Kickstarter Package

1 x Initial Kinesiology Session & 2 x Standard Kinesiology Sessions. (Save $30)

This package is for new clients who want to give Kinesiology a go and work through 1 main complaint over 3 sessions.

Great for acute new issues that haven’t been around for longer than 6 months.

Wellness Package

6 x 90 minute Kinesiology Sessions (save $60)

This package is for those who are serious about looking after they’re wellbeing and want to get the best results (or just want to take advantage of the savings!)

Great for chronic issues such as long term fatigue/exhaustion, hormonal complaints, physical pain, low mood, gut issues, chronic anxiety.

After my first couple of sessions, doors started to open for me in my career because I feel Kinesiology helped me to recognise my blocks (lack of confidence, fear of failure) and helped me to be open to the opportunities that presented. Also, after 4 Kinesiology sessions, I am now pregnant after 18 months of actively trying to conceive. Rachel is amazing at what she does and did far more for my stress and emotional health in the first session than seeing a psychologist ever did for me. I have been so inspired by Kinesiology.

Chanelle Clarke

I love that Kinesiology goes beyond the brain’s ability to recall everything. So I don’t always have to recall everything that has created problems for my in my life. My body has it’s own memory and Kinesiology gently taps into that and is able to release the things that no longer works for me.

Dayle McNamara

Initially I wanted to work on my stress levels as I was extremely stressed out about work in particular at the time. After just one session, my stress levels improved dramatically. After that we worked on my hormones as I was getting a lot of hot flushes. It took about 3 months (as suggested) to resolve and has been much improved since. After that we have been working on my sleep patterns which have also improved. All in all a great outcome, I feel much better!

Liz Sully

Common Questions


What happens in a session?

You will come into my clinic space in Nedlands or Bull Creek, and we will have a chat for half an hour discussing the reasons you have come in for an appointment, how you would like to feel as well as your goals. You will then lay down fully clothed on a massage table where I will use your muscles as feedback from your body, identifying emotional, mental and physical stressors.

I will then use various energetic techniques such as flower essences, holding acupressure points, using sound or EFT (emotional freedom technique) to balance your body’s energies. This process will take approximately an hour.

How many Kinesiology sessions should I have?

The amount of Kinesiology sessions required really depends on the issue/problem you are wanting to work on. If you have had chronic anxiety, or chronic back pain for years then it is going to take some time for us to unravel the layers of coping, stress and pain you have been holding onto. For all of my new clients, I generally say to book in for 6 sessions spaced out weekly/fortnightly. This way you are giving yourself the best chance of getting a good outcome from Kinesiology.

Once we have resolved or reduced your main concern, maintenance appointments once every 4 to 6 weeks is adequate, unless faced with a big life stressor that needs to be dealt with (and we all get thrown those from time to time!)

Is Kinesiology a form of medical treatment?

No. We do not diagnose, treat or work with named diseases. We balance the body’s energy, thus promoting its own healing abilities.

With Kinesiology, we are looking at how the person would like to feel or what they would like to achieve. Regardless of what the person’s problem is, whether it’s something life-threatening like cancer, or debilitating like arthritis or depression, we approach it in the same way. We also consider how the person is being held back, how their pain can be reduced and what they need to support them. This includes emotional aspects as well as the person’s lifestyle and diet.

What are the common areas Kinesiology can address?

Kinesiology is a diverse modality that can support you to create shifts and long lasting change on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. The areas that I specialise in and take a great interest in are: Anxiety, Depression, Low Confidence/Self-Esteem, Pain, Hormonal imbalances, Allergies & Food Sensitivities.

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