Heal your past, rewire limiting beliefs and shift your mindset

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Shed away layers of suppressed emotion, stress and anxiety, so you can reconnect back to YOU

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Kinesiology is an energy healing modality to bring balance to your body and mind. I specialise in anxiety, mood, hormonal wellbeing, pain, gut health and general stress management.

Break free from painful limiting beliefs, rewire your mindset, and reconnect to your true self (so you can stop *coping* with life and start living it on your terms) with my guided 1:1 healing programs and coaching.

I look forward to supporting you to get back to balance mentally, emotionally and physically. Helping you to release layers of stress, anxiety and energetic blocks so you can flow in life again.


I'm Rachel.

Welcome! I'm Rachel.

A Kinesiologist, Certified Life Coach, EFT & Timeline Therapy Practitioner based in Perth, Western Australia.

I have helped hundreds of stressed out, anxious women kick fear and anxiety in the butt.

Many of my clients are highly strung perfectionists, over-achievers and people-pleasers. They experience daily self criticism, chronic worry, and live in constant fear that everyone might notice… they’re not good enough.

I help them make peace with their past, release suppressed emotions and rewire limiting beliefs so they can get out of their own way and live life to their fullest potential. If you need some support to become the best you, you can be, then I’m here for you!

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