Conquer Self-Doubt and Believe in Yourself

“She believed she could, so she did”

We all have that voice that loves to question our ability to succeed. The voice that says “You aren’t good enough,” “Don’t do it, what if you fail?” ‘You will get laughed at, don’t be stupid.”

This voice loves to taunt you whenever you want to strive towards something that is meaningful to you. It loves to take the stage and berate you with endless commentary. If you let it stay around for long enough it can paralyse your will and stop you from taking any action.

Overtime this voice becomes a bully, leaving you with constant fear, panic and anxiety. You know you shouldn’t let the words of self-doubt get in the way, but sometimes it slips through the cracks and takes you down when you think you have it under control. Self-doubt isn’t rational, it inhibits your ability to think critically and takes your joy away.

Thankfully there is a way to conquer self-doubt and learn to believe in the gifts, talents, and uniqueness that is you! Which just feels sooo much better than letting self-doubt run the show.

Bring your doubts to the light

It is absolutely necessary to start to become aware when self-doubt is taking the stage. When you start to hear “I can’t,” or “What if…X happens” shine the light on these thoughts and respond to them. Instead of telling yourself “I can’t do it” and then getting lost in the cycle of these thoughts and believing them, respond to them.

Instead of “I can’t do X”, respond “Maybe not now but I’m working towards it.”

Instead of “What if I fail,” respond with “I’ll try again,” or “I’ll learn from this experience.”

Responding and changing the story you are telling yourself gives you an opportunity to learn, grow and transform your life experience, instead of feeling stuck, hopeless and out of control.

Surround yourself with people who raise you up

What kind of people do you surround yourself with? Some criticism and skepticism at times can be healthy, but listening to people who bring you down regularly can have a big impact on your confidence and ability to believe in yourself.

Sometimes the doubts that play out in our minds aren’t ours, they are other people’s words we have taken on as our own. People that constantly doubt you and put you down have lost their positive vibe, don’t let them steal yours!

Surround yourself with people who support you, believe in you and want to see you succeed. These people will help you to see your shining light when at times you struggle to do just that.

Look to the past – how often did your doubts come true?

It’s time to get real!

How many times in the past when you doubted yourself or feared something would happen actually manifested itself into reality?

I’m sure the answer is similar for you, as it is for me – not very often at all!

Often self-doubt is just one big scary bully that breeds fear to cripple you into inaction. Often this bully only sticks around to keep you in one place – stuck in your comfort zone.

If you look to the past and identify times where you were able to take action and step forward regardless of any fears or doubts you had, you will see that you can do it, and that you are capable.

I bet when you took that step forward, you felt great about yourself for  doing it too! Remind yourself how you felt when you believed in yourself, your abilities and your talents. Bring those positive feelings to the forefront and not the fear and panic that comes with self-doubt.

Transition from self doubt to self trust

We are born with a strong and healthy resource of self-trust. We are born with an internal barometer of inner knowing. We know when we are hungry, we know when we are full, we effortlessly know what people we like, and what people we don’t like. But as we get older, we get inundated by well meaning parents and teachers who believe that children need external validation in order to make good life decisions in order to succeed.

We forget that we have an inner guidance system, a wise mind, an inner knowing to guide us the way.

So this is to remind you that there is a part of you that is untouched by fear, self doubt, and uncertainty. You can call this part of you the divine, your higher mind, your soul, or your inner essence, but we all have the opportunity to tap into that part of ourselves whenever we can.

To get in touch with this part of you quieten your mind, practice meditation or yoga, and listen. The more you learn to trust and listen to the wise words this part of you has to say, the more your confidence will improve, and strengthen your ability to trust and know you will be okay regardless of the decisions you make in your life.

Get back up after every fall

When you’re attempting to accomplish something, you’ll make mistakes, it is human nature – no one is perfect and no one succeeds without making mistakes. It is your mindset around how you define your mistakes which will determine if you get up and keep going, or if give in and give yourself a hard time for being a “failure”. Success is a journey not a destination.

Love the journey

Going from self-doubt to self-belief and self-trust doesn’t happen over night. It is a journey. Practice these tips and other tools you are drawn to, and practice these everyday. The more you recognize and become aware of self-doubt’s familiar words, the sooner you will bring these to the light and conquer them.

Keep trying, don’t give up, you are not a failure, you are a human being growing and learning everyday. Build up that part of you that deeply knows you are enough, that deeply believes in your every word, and your every dream.

When you believe in yourself you free yourself from the limitations you, and others have placed on you. Don’t count the number of times you have been knocked down, count the number of times you get back up. Banish the voice of self-doubt and keep on going. I believe in you.

Happy conquering!

If you need some extra help to conquer self-doubt and help you to believe in you again, get in touch and book a complementary 30 minute breakthrough strategy call. I would love to help.

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