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Welcome! It is wonderful to see you here. My name is Rachel and my mission is to help stressed out, anxious, disconnected women journey back to their calm, confident and connected selves. To love, accept and own who they are so they can shine their magic far and wide.

As an energy therapist and mind-body expert, I help many of my clients to release fears, stuck emotions, and kick anxiety and stress in the butt!

Many of my clients are highly strung perfectionists, over-achievers and people-pleasers who indulge in daily self criticism, chronic worry and trying to juggle it all without success.

I use a range of techniques and powerful tools to help you change old patterns and unblock energy held within the nervous system created through stress, assisting you to bring flow, harmony and balance back into your life.

Without all the stress and anxiety taking over your life, who would you be? How free would you feel? What could you achieve?

I have supported many to shift their limitations and transform themselves out of these old patterns and poor health, and I would love to help you on your journey too!

I offer 1:1 consults, and group programs so head on over to the "Work with Me" tab below and find out how you can get started.
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Conquer your fears. Silence self-doubt. Believe in yourself.

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What Women Just Like You Are Saying

  • Rachel’s work with me has opened me up to the world again. I am more in touch with my true authentic self and believe that my life is worth something and that I can have a bright future.

    I understand more that I do not have to live a prisoner to my past. I am enjoying life for the first time in many years. I have found confidence to be me and I have met some beautiful people along this journey. I am making friends and getting out and about. I now have purpose and clarity in my life.

  • After suffering a debilitating breakdown of anxiety, and unable to eat or sleep, Rachel was able to get me back on track.

    I felt an immediate difference after my first session and the treatment Rachel was able to give me was more helpful for me than my GP or Psychologist. Rachel is a blessing, truly caring, competent, professional and insightful. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone.

    Renee Peterson
  • I wanted to know how to survive anxiety. I wanted to have mental clarity. I didn’t want to live with this unnecessary stress keeping me awake at night any more. I started to get really bad back pains, and I couldn’t cope any more, I needed to see someone.

    The outcome has been amazing. It’s been a while since I’ve felt this calm. I don’t feel at war with myself. Working with Rachel has been amazing an amazing journey.

    Amanda Rahim
  • After suffering a miscarriage I was struggling to fall pregnant again. After two appointments with Rachel I had fallen pregnant!

    I am now seeing Rachel regularly to keep my stress at bay and enjoy a healthy and safe pregnancy.

    She is clearly exceptional at her job and I could not recommend her services more highly!

    Tiffany Tonkin

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